Leicester City – A Post of Appreciation

Leicester City…what hasn’t yet been said about them? Not a lot to be fair.

We felt we need to create a small post to express just what The Foxes have brought to us this season.

5000/1 as the season started back in August 2015, they had just completed pre-season warm up’s against Lincoln City & Mansfield town.

From the moment they kicked off the Premier League campaign with a 4-2 victory over Sunderland they never really looked back.

Defeated by only 2 clubs from their 19 challengers (Arsenal x 2 & Liverpool)

Somehow the much maligned Claudio Ranieri has turned Albrighton, Simpson and Ulloa into Champions League footballers.

We’ve all watched as clubs have tried to copy the Barca model and play tika-taka football but we need to finally realise that there is little wrong with sticking to the basics of the game.

A good goalkeeper, 2 solid centre half’s, a midfield general, a tricky winger and a striker who plays without fear.

There is a distinct possibility that we will never see a less fashionable team win the top flight in England again so this has to go down as one of the biggest surprises of all time in the game we love.

To sum up:

We’ve been smiling in disbelief
They’ve played with passion, desire and full on heart
An amazing team spirit has brought them their biggest prize
They believed when the rest of us didn’t…
Congratulations to Leicester City!



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