Ipswich Town – FA Cup Woes…

They were proud winners of the World’s oldest cup competition back in 1978, a Roger Osborne goal was enough to see off Arsenal in front of a reported 100,000 at Wembley all those years ago.

However, as 2018/19 season’s 4th round gets underway this week there will be a usual sight for fans of Ipswich Town, as per the last 9 seasons they won’t be participating.

A defeat in early January to League One Accrington Stanley didn’t prove to be a shock based on current league positions but it does continue a terrible tradition that they seem to have got themselves into.

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Their last FA Cup victory was way back in 2010. A 2-1 victory over 9 man Blackpool in front of just over 7000 people at Bloomfield road.

A late Owen Garvan strike saw the Tractor Boys progress to what is now the unchartered territory of round 4 before Southampton ended the dream for another season.

Below is their recent 3rd round record:-

  • 2010/11 – Chelsea 7-0 Ipswich
  • 2011/12 – Hull City 3-1 Ipswich
  • 2012/13 – Aston Villa 2-1 Ipswich
  • 2013/14 – Preston 3 – 2 Ipswich (Replay after 1-1 draw at Portman Road)
  • 2014/15 – Ipswich 0 -1 Southampton (Replay after 1-1 draw at St Mary’s)
  • 2015/16 – Portsmouth 1 – 1 Ipswich (Replay after 2-2 draw at Portman Road)
  • 2016/17 – Lincoln City 1 – 0 Ipswich (Replay after 2-2 draw at Portman Road)
  • 2017/18 – Ipswich 0 – 1 Sheffield United
  • 2018/19 – Accrington 1- 0 Ipswich

A couple of gallant efforts in forcing replays over the years but they somehow have always managed to come up short.

Roy Keane, Paul Jewell and Mick McCarthy have all come up short and current gaffer Paul Lambert didn’t fare any better.

The FA Cup just isn’t a competition that the men from East Anglia look forward to.

Lambert’s men currently sit bottom of the Championship with a substantial points difference to make up, to even give themselves a chance to stay up this season. The 3rd tier is very much on the horizon and a 2nd successive relegation for Lambert after going down with Stoke last season.

A change in owner and a cash injection are key for this club.

Image sourced from; www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football

FA Cup 3rd Round – A missed opportunity

The 1st full weekend in January should be an occasion to mark on the football calendar, the FA cup 3rd round weekend. A weekend filled with promise, hope and expectation. Who would be this season’s giant killers or the fairy tale story?

We have just seen the last of this weekend’s ties and we can’t help but feel let down by what we have witnessed over the 32 games.

We’ll start with the TV coverage. The BBC have rammed the message of “The Magic Of The FA Cup” down our throats showing the usual clips from bygone days then they serve us up the all Premier League clash of West Ham vs Man City followed by Spurs vs Villa (an all premier league tie for the last 25 years until the start of this season.)

BT Sport added a little more imagination with their ties but all included either Man Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool. The Anfield game being the only legitimate case for a televised spectacle.

Where were the live broadcasts from Barrow, Sutton Utd or Wycombe Wanderers? All containing not only lower league sides but also non-league ones. All, who we are sure, would be more welcoming of the cash than the much changed high flyers.


Neil Warnock, an uber-experienced British born and bred manager whose previous clubs have depended on the FA Cup for much needed income said of his Cardiff tie with Fulham “I struggled to get out of bed and I must admit I wasn’t really excited at the prospect of playing the side I got to play in the FA Cup.”  Do his sentiments echo that of most within the game?

Next to catch our eye was a significant number of empty seats up and down the country, a shocking 307,639 chairs went unused during the 3rd round.

Pass marks go to Sutton Utd & Barrow who perhaps unsurprisingly sold out. Liverpool, WBA, PNE, Chelsea and Man Utd also came close to capacity so escape our gaze. All full breakdown can be found below, we have highlighted all games that had over 15,000 or more empty spaces:-

Game Attendance Capacity Difference
West Ham v Man City 56,975 60,000 3,025
Man Utd v Reading 74,396 75,653 1,257
Accrington v Luton 1,717 5,057 3,340
Barrow v Rochdale 4,414 4,414 0
Birmingham v Newcastle 13,171 30,106 16,935
Blackpool v Barnsley 4,875 17,338 12,463
Bolton v C Palace 11,683 28,723 17,040
Brentford v Eastleigh 7,537 12,763 5,226
Brighton v MK Dons 11,091 30,750 19,659
Bristol City v Fleetwood 10,301 27,000 16,699
Everton v Leicester 35,493 39,571 4,078
Huddersfield v P Vale 11,715 24,500 12,785
Hull v Swansea 6,608 25,586 18,978
Ipswich v Lincoln 16,027 30,311 14,284
Millwall v Bournemouth 9,471 20,146 10,675
Norwich v Southampton 12,479 27,224 14,745
QPR V Blackburn 7,482 18,489 11,007
Rotherham v Oxford 5,618 12,021 6,403
Stoke v Wolves 21,479 27,740 6,261
Sunderland v Burnley 17,632 48,707 31,075
Sutton v AFC Wimbledon 5,013 5,013 0
Watford v Burton Albion 13,270 21,500 8,230
WBA V Derby 25,288 26,850 1,562
Wigan v Notts Forest 5,163 25,023 19,860
Wycombe v Stourbridge 6,312 10,300 3,988
PNE v Arsenal 22,185 23,408 1,223
Cardiff v Fulham 5,199 33,280 28,081
Liverpool v Plymouth 52,692 54,074 1,382
Chelsea v Peterborough 41,003 41,798 795
Middlesbrough v Sheff Wed 23,661 34,988 11,327
Spurs v Villa 31,182 36,284 5,102
Cambridge v Leeds 7,973 8,127 154


The 3rd round should always be viewed as an opportunity, not just by the clubs involved but by the FA as a whole. We continuously hear about grass roots football and how we need to attract new coaches, home grown players etc. How about making sure all stadiums are full to the brim for this special weekend? Work with the clubs to utilise the millions of pounds available, make the day cheaper and tempt those who don’t go to the game. Entice literally 100’s of 1000’s of new supporters to our beautiful game!

Sadly the competition is in need of a boost, it is not taken seriously by most until the latter stages and managers seem grateful to go out giving them fortnight breaks later in the season. Are the likes of Bournemouth, Stoke and Liverpool fans telling us that they don’t want the memories that a day out at Wembley brings or is it all simply about finishing 17th or above?

The FA need to take drastic action to revamp a competition that is on life support. They recently signed a vastly improved sponsorship deal for £820m spread over 6 seasons, the prize fund from qualifying rounds to eventual winners is just £25m…we think it’s time we saw a breakdown of the remaining yearly total of £111m.

Terrible attitudes have outshone the world’s oldest association football competition and it’s just not right.

Wycombe vs Stourbridge image is sourced from; www.latetacklemagazine.com
Empty seats at FA Cup image is sourced from; www.walesonline.co.uk